Happy first day of School!


Hey Broncos!

Happy first week of school. Everyone who knows me knows the first day of school is what I consider to be my favorite holiday. There is something so awesome about the fall leaves and new classes and fresh textbooks. And of course, seeing Broncos and faculty members I haven’t seen since spring.

My classes are great so far. I am graduating in December, so I only needed three. I am taking my capstone course for my major, Organizational Communication, which is awesome so far. It is called “Special Topics: Conflict Management”. I am really interested in group conflict and organizations, so this is the perfect class for me, and I have the class with several student leaders I know from Greek Life and Student Government. I also attended my public speaking class, which seems great. The professor is really funny, and I have heard awesome things about her. Today I will attend my capstone course for minor, journalism. The class involves learning how to use “new media” such as twitter, to get news messages across. I am really excited!

The best part of the new school year is the First Year Seminar class I am a student facilitator for. FYS is an awesome course for first year students (both freshman and transfers). The class is a learning community capped at 20 students, and is taught by both a student leader and a professor. It’s really great if you want a smooth transition when you come to WMU. My students are WONDERFUL and I really couldn’t ask for a better co-professor or students.

Well I am off to my second day of classes. Have a great day Broncos, and enjoy your new classes!

It’s a great day to be a Bronco,


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