Hello world!


My name is Delia and I am Junior here at Western Michigan University. I am originally from a little town called Livonia which is on the east side of the state.  I went to Mercy High School in Farmington Hills which was an all-girl Catholic prep school. I graduated in the spring of 2010 and set out for college. I played Varsity Basketball and also ran Varsity Track during my high school years. My transition from middle school to high school was an adventure in and of itself simply because my middle school was co-ed and public but then again it is all about switching things up.

Western was the last college that I visited and as I walked around the campus on my tour, I fell in love with it. My guide was entertaining and clearly in love with the university. The tour was somewhat personal. My interests were taken into account. I wasn’t just a number. The people on the campus were very friendly and willing to help if they could. The atmosphere of the campus was like no other I had seen. It was small but at the same time gave me a large University feel. Everything was within reach. Whatever I needed I could get on campus with the expectation of no more than a 15 min walk. Once I took my tour I knew it was where I wanted to be.

Going into my third year at a University I now call home, I have become involved with more than I could ever imagine.  I currently play woman’s rugby which is a club sport on campus. It is not too much of a commitment with practice being only three days a week (2hrs in length) and games being on the weekends. It definitely helps me keep the freshman 15 off. I also participate in the Intramural sports such as Flag football and basketball.

Well just to keep this short and sweet, I’ll leave on a positive note, just one of the simple theories/quotes I try to remember and live by: “You were created to love and be loved. You were meant to live life in relationships with other people, and to know and be known”. Until next time…

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