Miller Fountain


Have you ever sat on Miller Fountain?
I have to wonder if they intended for it to be sat upon.

It’s nice and warm when the sun bathes it in light, and it’s roomy and provides a great in-between-classes workspace.

For all of those who sit on the fountain, why?
Do you do it because there isn’t room on any benches or tables anywhere else?
Do you do it because you see your friends there, and just join them there?

I do it because it’s in the center of Miller Plaza. Because when I sit there, I can see everything all around me. I can see hipsters with their guitars, strumming cheerful fall-time tunes. I can see colorful conversations, and even more colorful outfits. I sit at Miller because it allows me to see the bustling campus around me. When you take the time to sit and take it in, it is quite marvelous. The campus is busy with people rushing to and fro, and it’s a really nice leisure activity between classes in the brisk autumn air.

Next time you need a place to sit on campus…try Miller fountain!! And let me know how that goes for you! What do you see differently there? Why did you choose to sit there?

I’m curious to see your responses!

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