PHEW! We made it!


So, how are you feeling?

With the first week of school out of the way, people can feel pretty exhausted. I can certainly say, that I am extremely exhausted. I have had a rough week filled with trials and tribulations and rushing about. Thank goodness it’s all over… well, not quite.

Next week, and the weeks following bring their own set of things to endure and cope with. Though school is an interesting learning experience, it can also be a rough and tumultuous time. But fear not, for the future looks brighter than the sun itself.

When/if you are ever feeling like you cannot go on with the rigorous patterns of the school and work schedules that you have, just think about how your future will be. One day we as college students will be riding high in our luxurious offices, or attending important meetings, or captaining the helm of a successful business. We will no longer need to study 30 hours or more a week to achieve stellar grades. No friends, we will be the ones to dictate who does the studying and in what subjects. Our eyes, tired from such hours of studying and over-studying will one day be perky and full of life as we shake hands with our brand new employees fresh from interview. Our bodies, exhausted from lack of sleep will be ready to seize the day, and take it by its horns as we parade with energy through the hallowed halls of our corporations. Fear not friends, for though we be tired and baggy-eyed now, we will one day shine with rays of success and pride, and revere the days of bright future before us.

So when you’re feeling glum because you haven’t even begun to ponder what that 6-page paper will be about, just think to those days that you have ahead and look forward to the sunny, brilliant future.

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