Retreating to Retreat


If you know anything about the Student Ambassador Office, you might know that we take pride in team building, bonding, and fun!

Each year in the fall, the Student Ambassador Program heads to the woods at the Sherman Lake YMCA campsite. The event is a one-night, two-day affair in which students belonging to the Student Ambassador Program participate in activities that encourage and stimulate relationships, dedication, improvement, and so much more.

This year was especially important to me because I was on the retreat committee. I was in charge of facilitating one activity that focused on improvement in our office. My activity focused on how we as an office have improved from the 1970s to now. I really enjoyed coming up with the activity, and the group seemed to enjoy it.

Retreat is always a blast. Think camping, only with nice cabins and indoor plumbing. There were large blazing campfires, and clear starry skies. It was a wonderful trip, and I always enjoy spending time at retreat.

If your job has something like this for you, try to enjoy it, because the memories you make with your coworkers and friends will last for a lifetime.

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