Friday, September 28th–


Hello everyone!


“Musketeers” is going marvelously, and we’ve got a beautiful score arranged for the show….it’s truly epic sounding, quite sweeping and romantic! I do hope everyone will come out and see the show. :)

We are moving swift toward Tech week, which starts on Monday. Tech week is the time for us to figure out the elaborate scene changes, sound cues, and lighting technicals. It’s sometimes exhausting– especially for our wonderful crew and technical designers who are hugely talented– to finally merge the collaborations, but it definitely comes together in the end.

I anticipate a long Tech week, because this show is huge. We have an intense set, that gorgeous soundtrack, and a crew almost double the amount of cast. The production quality of WMU is ALWAYS mind-blowing, and I have a feeling “Three Musketeers” will be one for the books.

Some photos from our Fight Call:

Milady and Sabine (Ellen Jenders and Arti Ishak) duel it out

Porthos (Ben Andre) relaxes between swordfights

Sabine (Ishak) shows off her sword

Aramis and Elyse (Trevor Morgan and myself) mug for the camera before our entrance

Aramis defends Elyse from D’artagnan

So begins the craziness! It will be fabulous, dear readers.

And as always and with every WMU production, it is only $5 to see “Three Musketeers” with your student ID, so try to make it out! Call the WMU Box Office (269. 387. 6222). :)

Must be off, but have a lovely day!



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