Discoveries of a Foodie


So I can honestly say that I am a huge foodie! (a term that I have come to understand as a name for someone who likes food) I adore new restaurants that have new and interesting recipes to offer me for trial.

This week, on a rather cold and blustery day, I found myself stumbling into Video Hits on Howard Street looking for a film for one of my classes. Filled with dismay at the fact they didn’t have the film that I needed, I wandered toward the back of the store looking for something else. My eyes drifted upward for no particular reason, but were amazed to find a sign that had a picture of a smoothie on it.

Smoothies are my favorite frozen beverages of all time, and I was jumping out of my skin to see what the smoothie sign was all about. I rushed upstairs to find the wonderful entity that is All Stirred Up. For those of you that don’t know, All Stirred Up is a café that specializes in just about everything. They have baked goods, Panini’s, teas, coffees, smoothies and more!

My eyes, and more importantly my stomach, couldn’t wait to see what they had to offer! Of course, it was fantastic. I indulged in a handmade turkey Panini with a mango smoothie on the side. It was the most scrumptious meal I had had in a long while. My taste buds were thoroughly satisfied.

All this to say, that All Stirred Up is a fantastic place to visit for a scrumdiddlyumptious bite!

And it’s close to WMU’s main campus too! Only a walk-across-the-street away!

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