Exploring the province of Burgos


On Saturday I was able to be part of a pretty special trip.

There’s a group of Spanish students here in Burgos that meets at one of the local restaurants every Friday night to work on their English. Spanish young people and English-speakers from all around the world come together, order drinks, and sit around having conversations in English together. The group’s name is Drink in English, and many of my American friends here regularly participate – it’s really rewarding to be able to help others, and sometimes we’re able to work on our Spanish, too!

Anyway, Drink in English organized a day trip to visit a bunch of different pueblos around the province of Burgos. It seemed like a great opportunity, especially since I didn’t have any plans on Saturday, so I signed up to go! There were ten of us that went: seven Spanish students, two Americans (including myself), and a Dutch girl.

The goal was to speak in English as much as possible during the day, but that didn’t happen.
(Apparently it’s very normal for a group of Spaniards talking together to lapse into Spanish and stay in that language for almost the whole time. :) ) I was completely okay with that, though, because it meant that I was speaking and listening to Spanish about 90 percent of the day.

We had such a fun time together talking in the car on the way and visiting six different pueblos. I loved seeing the different architecture styles, the way the towns are set up, and beautiful views of nature. I’m really, really grateful to have made several new friends and to be able to explore this area of Spain a little bit, too.

Here are a few pictures from the day:

A wonderful group of new friends!
An incredible view from one of the pueblos
Doing a little rock climbing near some caves
The Americans: me with my friend Jordan from Western

One of the things I was most encouraged about from the day was how my language abilities are coming along. I could follow every conversation really well, and I was also told that my speaking skills were really good. I also really, really appreciated being corrected when I messed up a word or a sentence – some people won’t do that, and if I don’t get corrected, I’m not going to improve!

Overall, it was a great experience, and I’m looking forward to more opportunities like this to be able to make new friends and to make my Spanish even better!

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