HAPPY SWEETEST DAY!!! These last few weeks have been a bit hectic from classes, to work, to rugby to life in general. It has truly been too long since the last time we have spoke. Well let me catch you up on my life. My classes have been pretty demanding but what can you expect when success is what you want in your future. I have successfully destroyed every exam that has dared to challenge me so far this year with the help of my study guides and long study hours. The semester is about half way over and i couldn’t be happier with where i am academically. Today i plan on studying for a few hours for my exams that i have next week, but before that i plan on relaxing with my friends before the chaos begins again.

As for work, the hours have been nice, and the tour groups have been wonderful. The ongoing training that I have been undergoing has been so beneficial for me that I can honestly say that i feel like a WMU expert when it comes to the university. Never in my wildest dreams would i have thought that i would know as much as I do about the university. Today i had the best group in a while, they had multiple questions that really test the information that i was being trained on. I had a wide range of major interests and lucky for me i had multiple guides working with me that currently studied in the fields. So lunch was very informational and personal for each guest in my opinion and the fact that the guests left with a smile and information that meant something to them specifically put the icing on the cake.

Rugby! Rugby has been wonderful my team has been very successful we are currently 4-1 and going into our 6th game tomorrow morning against GVSU. Since the last time we spoke a lot of things have happen in the world of Rugby i am now one of the new captain for my team. Its  a leadership roll that i am more than pleased to excel in. Well until next time my fellow readers, until next time.

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