Monday, October 22nd–


I took my final bow on a WMU stage last night.

Of course, I might do a Directing Scene or a Footlight next semester, but as far as Mainstage goes– I have run my course here at WMU, and WMU has been only too kind to me. I’m going to miss the hectic tech rehearsals, the inevitable friendships that come out of a production, the trips up to the costume shop. It’s been an amazing run, and I am so so thankful that I got to be part of it all.

I had a revelation of irony last night, actually. During my first visit to WMU for Orientation, we were taken to the Shaw Theatre to watch the Cab Show. I remember sitting in the velvet seats of Shaw, almost sick with regret that I hadn’t auditioned for the program, and just thinking, “I belong in here.” It was during that visit that I made up my mind to audition, regardless of fear or anxiety of rejection– because sitting in the Shaw made me realize that Theatre was not a love affair from which I could walk away.

As I took my bow last night with the “Musketeer” cast, I realized where I was. Never before have I performed in Shaw, with the exception of this show. Not only does it evenly round out my experience in the Gilmore Theatre Complex (I’ve now officially performed in all three of the theatres), but it marked the end of a wonderful journey for me too. As I took my bow with sixteen other outstanding performers, I realized: I made it.

Thank you, “Musketeers” cast. All of you are brilliant performers, colleagues, and– now– friends. I’m so proud. Thank you, crew, for being the most efficient and cheerful teams I’ve ever gotten to collaborate with. Thank you, Terry, for being an inspiring, enthusiastic director who always encouraged his actors to play. And of course, thank you to the audiences who came in to remind us what theatre is all about– that ever-satisfying laugh or groan of “ooh!” during a good fight. <3 Thank you everybody!

Now, some pictures, to sum up "The Three Musketeers!"

Ben Andre as Porthos

Sara as Elyse and Kelsey as Mother

Ellen as Milady, Aleks as Cardinal (backstage)

Arti, Garrylee, and Sara (Garrylee is once again single-handedly reponsible for so many good-looking hairstyles!)

Actors, director, and wigmaster goofing around backstage– pulling a wig-switch for the camera. ;)

The faces of villainy! Robby as Rochefort, Ellen as Milady, and Aleks as Cardinal Richelieu.

Brittanie (Constance), Aleks (Cardinal) and Sara (Tavern Wench) backstage

D’Artagnan and his little sister, prepared for the Ball (Sean and Arti)

The Cardinals’ Guards in Rehearsal

King Louis and Queen Anne, in their many glorious outfits (Nathan and Kelsey)

Thanks again– a million times over– for making this production so wonderful, my friends. I’ll never forget it, nor could I have chosen a better show to mark as my last here at WMU. <3 Thank you!


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