Segovia, Spain


I want to let you all know a little bit about some of the other things I’ve been doing and seeing lately, specifically my most recent trip!

Last Friday my group took a trip to Segovia, a city in Spain that is about 2 or 3 hours away from Burgos.

We visited three main places:

1) The Alcázar of Segovia

This is a castle that was actually one of the inspirations for Disney’s Cinderella castle, which I thought was pretty neat.

Isabel and Fernando, the king and queen who united Spain in the 15th century (also the same people that backed Columbus’ trips to America), spent a lot of time in the Alcázar de Segovia. After recently studying Spain’s castles and palaces in class, it was very cool to see the details of what we had learned in person.

2) The Aqueduct in Segovia

Built in the first or second century by the Romans, this aqueduct is both huge and beautiful. Even more impressive is the fact that there isn’t any mortar or cement or glue holding it together! The rocks fit so closely together that it hasn’t been affected by the centuries that have passed, which is absolutely amazing.

Pilar, one of our favorite professors, who was an excellent tour guide for the day

3) Palacio Real de la Granja

This was a royal palace located in between Segovia and Madrid, where the kings and queens of Spain would come to hunt or relax, to get away from the stress and responsibilities of life in Madrid. It’s a beautiful palace with tons of gardens and a great view of the mountains in the distance. I really enjoyed my time there, too.

I think this was the best out of any of the class trips we’ve had so far!

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