Tricks and Treats


If you have misplaced your calendar, or you live in a shoe, Halloween is coming up on Wednesday!

Though a lot of people find Halloween to be pretentious or maybe even ridiculous, I sincerely enjoy Halloween.

What other holiday allows you to dress up in a costume and come to class?…Well, at least that’s what I do!

Yes friends I may be one of ten people that actually dresses up for classes on Halloween. It may not always be a full costume, but usually I exercise my right to be silly in public, and dress up in full costume.

I have to wonder where the magic stopped with people. It’s rather interesting because as children we dressed up each Halloween with bags agape at the doorstep of our friends and neighbors. Now, people eyeball me when they see my Luigi costume (of Super Mario Bros.). It’s so funny how the tides have changed with Halloween. What was once traditional is now gawked and smirked at.

Fear not WMU students and Kalamazoo citizens! As long as I remain a member of this society, I will continue to exercise my right to wear a Halloween costume to class! So look for me, as whatever I may be, when it’s time for Halloween tricks and treats!

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