Hey Broncos!

I hope everyone has appreciated WMU’s Get out the Vote efforts as much as I have. This year, WMU’s administration has arranged to have multiple events on campus registering student to vote and to get them the facts that they need. In addition to this, Western Student Association has had many Get Out the Vote events on campus.

There has been endless grassroots advocacy on our campus for different candidates and proposals. Its wonderful seeing our WMU community be so involved with the Presidential election.

For my capstone journalism class I have had to cover an issue all semester and because of all the advocacy on campus, I chose to cover the election. I have had the opportunity to interview community leaders such as Mayor Bobby Hopewell and members from the Clerk’s office. The opportunity to be a real journalist and interview important people about a real life issue both on campus and across the nation has been awesome.

There are many watch parties on campus going on tomorrow night. For example, I am attending one where we are coloring maps of the United States–each state will be colored red and blue based on results from each one.

Make sure you vote, I think everyone can vote on campus!

It’s a GREAT day to be a VOTING Bronco,

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