Thanksgiving Break


Hey Broncos! I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving break and is ready for our last three weeks of the semester! I had a great break but know I am ready to come back to Kalamazoo to get ready for final exams and GRADUATION.

Break was great, I had two days of family thanksgiving dinners and saw all of my best friends from home who go to other universities. It was a great break. I finnished applying to Graduate School and feel extremly accomplished.

The best party of break was a surprise visitor. When I was a sophomore at WMU I became friends with an upperclassman in my program who was involved on campus, and he was my mentor ever since. Matt was involved with Greek Life and Hillel and many other groups I was involved with. After graduating WMU he moved to Israel to apply his PR degree. He surprised me by visiting me in Detroit today! It was an exciting way to end Thanksgiving break. Here is a picture of him visiting today.

Have a safe drive back to school Broncos!
It’s a GREAT day to be a Bronco,

WMU Alum Matt visiting from Israel

WMU Alum Matt visiting from Israel

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