Why, hello there!


My name is Jasmine! I am a sophomore at Western Michigan University majoring in Marketing with minors in Music and Political Science.

Originally, I am from the east side of Michigan in a city called Shelby Township. The community is extremely suburban and quite populated, your stereotypical mid-western town. Throughout high school I was very involved in theatre, forensics, student government, and show choir. Eight theatre productions, two forensic state titles, and a vice presidency later, I graduated my high school with 485 other suburban 18 year olds, and I knew I needed to get out of there! My high school experience was genuinely wonderful, but my need to leave and explore what I hadn’t seen yet had been festering since my freshman year of high school. I had to be independent and find my way out in the world.

I began college as a Marketing and Vocal Performance double major, meaning that I sang classical music (yes, big poufy dresses, tragedy, foreign languages, you have the right gist). My father is a music professor, and my entire family has always been musically inclined. I have been dramatically singing into my hairbrush since I was 4, and so it felt only right to major in it. Being that I began my college search this way, I looked for schools with top-notch music programs. I ended up auditioning for both Western and a school in New York. (Fact! Music, dance, theatre, and art majors must do a separate application process either through portfolio or audition to get into their programs!)

While I was accepted to both universities and their programs, one was about $40,000 more expensive per year, and happened to be a skip and a jump through Canada to get to. I went and toured with Western, competed for the Medallion Scholarship Program, and realized that this school was the perfect fit for me. It was just far enough from my parents to feel liberated and close enough to go home on a weekend and do laundry, which was my mom’s biggest selling point. Plus, I knew from friends that the school was large, but had a nice small-university atmosphere. It really was a great choice for me.

Just this semester, after much deliberation, I dropped my Vocal Performance major and decided to just continue with Marketing. Due to the amount of credits that I already had from my music classes, I am able to get a music minor. At first, I was very apprehensive to drop my major, but I know that this is the best decision for myself, and my future.

All in all, I am having a wonderful semester, and I cannot believe that it is almost December! Finals are upon us soon! I plan to post weekly, so you will hear from me in a week.

With Bronco Love,


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