Hanukkah in Kalamazoo


Happy Hanukkah and finals week everyone!

This has been the most exciting Hanukkah I have ever been at WMU during, thanks to the help of the Jewish community in Kalamazoo. I have never celebrated so many nights of the eight day holiday, often known as the festival of lights.

On Thursday night, Hillel had a Hanukkah party called Latkepalooza with decorations, driedels, lots of food, and of course latkes. On Saturday night, the first night of the holiday, some students invited me to their apartment to celebrate by cooking latkes and saying prayers over the menorah. On Sunday, the Hebrew school I teach at did a Hanukkah play and had a latke lunch. The most exciting part was last night, when I hosted friends. My hillel friends and I cooked latkes and matzo ball soup for a few of our nonjewish friends who wanted to learn about the holiday. We lit the candles and read a children’s hanukkah book. It was really great.

Lots of people on campus have been wishing me a happy holiday and making it feel just like home. Here is a picture of my friends and me last night!

Have a great rest of finals week and Hanukkah!
It’s a GREAT day to be a Bronco,

Hanukkah in Kalamazoo!

Hanukkah in Kalamazoo!

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