The Weather Outside is not that Frightful


Are you surprised by the lack of snow? As strange as it seems we are entering into our second week of December with not a flake in sight.

It may be slightly chilly outside, but even there it is rather warm. These past few weeks have had days consisting of 45 degree days with sun shining in streams all around.

Where’s the snow?!

Well friends, if you are a snow-loving being like me, there might be an extended waiting period before our buildings and streets can be covered in that soft white blanket of magic.

I personally celebrate Christmas, and I explode a little inside when Christmas is snowless. Snow is essential to the balance of the Christmas. There is a certain quality that snow brings to the holiday, and without it, it is not quite the same.

Hopefully the snow hits us at least a week before the big guy comes down from the North Pole and fills our stockings with holiday cheer and men made of ginger bread!

I will have my frozen fingers and toes crossed for the first frosty snowfall!

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