We did it!


It is official: my semester is complete! This was a transitional one for me, switching from being a Music and Marketing double major to simply a Marketing major. It is weird because “simply” is not a word I would use to describe anything in my life. The choices I make are always multi-faceted with many shades to them. Only having one major and my minor in music, it isn’t like me.

So, as I do whenever I feel unsettled about something: I researched, poked, and prodded around until I found a solution to my issue. Now, what is the fix to having one major and one minor and not feeling happy about it? ADD A MINOR! Therefore, as of Wednesday morning, I have declared a minor in Event Management. I did not even know we had such a program! Thanks to my extensive research on the Wmich website, and helpful friends in the Student Ambassador Office; I found this splendid little program! I know it is going to be an amazing journey.

For the Event Management minor, there are only 18 credits to take. However, in addition to that you are expected to do what is called “practicum”. After sitting down with an advisor, you will complete an internship with a company focusing on the kind of event management you want to be doing. Some people do non-profit while others do wedding planning. Whichever you choose, you must complete 225 hours of practicum with the company you are assigned. I cannot wait for the semester I get to do this!

Above all else, this has been an incredible semester for me. I have definitely learned a couple lessons in growing up and making arduous decisions. I am eager to see what my future holds, and cannot wait to begin my excursion.

With Bronco Love,


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