Where did the time go!?


Happy Monday Broncos!

Do you ever feel like life goes by super quickly? This past week went by so quickly for me! Even though I am still a couple of weeks from graduating, my time as a student leader at WMU is coming to an end.

This past weekend, my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, had an Alumni ceremony for me to “go alum”. This means I am no longer an active member, but it is considered an honor, because it means I have alumni rights such as the option to be a sorority advisor. It really made me realize that 3.5 years being super busy with Greek Life was completely worth it!
Last night, the Panhellenic Council that I am on (the governing sorority council over Greek Life) had a ceremony transitioning us off the board and transitioning the new board on. I felt so old! Our year on Panhel has gone by so quickly.

Last but not least, Western Student Association Student Government recognized me in a ceremony today for being a graduating senior. After nine semesters in student government, my time has come to an end. So crazy!

I am even giving my last tour soon. Last but not least, this weekend is graduation. Time goes by so quickly!

Have a great least couple of weeks Bronco, and I hope life slows done.

It’s a GREAT day to be a Bronco,

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