Just yesterday, I had my first meeting about my study abroad trip to Germany! The program is through Western, and is entitled “German Business and Culture”. As the title suggests, the trip is for the Haworth College of Business. At our meeting yesterday, we met all of the people who will be going, and I am really getting excited!
The trip will be with a group of about twenty of us and three professors. While I am there, I will earn six credits from the University, and they all count towards my major. Which is wonderfully convenient since the trip is only three weeks long! The last week of this spring semester will be busy, as finals week is the week of April 22nd, and I leave for the trip on the 27th. I will be there from April 27th through late May.
The first course that I am earning credit for is called, “The Tour”.  My program travels from Hamburg to Wolfsburg to Berlin to Potsdam to Paderborn to Koln. The only requirements for that course are to soak in culture, and write a reflection paper. The last week of the experience is spent in Paderborn where we attend “Uni Paderborn” – (“Uni” refers to university in Germany) – and take a class in negotiation. This course is taught in English, but the classmates will be from around the world. The purpose of the class is to learn to negotiate with people from different backgrounds in business.

The best part about this whole process, is that at the end of the adventure I will only be two and a half hours from my family who live in Germany! Typically, I only get to see them every few years when they come to the States, but now I get to come to them! My cousin, Jared, is only a couple of years older than me and has a whole itinerary for us!

Well, that is all for now – I will update as I find out more!

With Bronco Love,


P.S. – Today is a SNOW DAY! This never happens in college! Could this week get any better?

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