Internships Oh Boy!


Do you have an internship?

Do you plan on getting one?

Although you might not need one for your major, internships are essential in building your dossier. When employers fumble through your resume, they should be blown away by all of the extracurricular things you did, and the overwhelming amount of resources for contact you have about internships!

As a college student, you really should get starting thinking about doing an internship. They often start as early as the first semester of sophomore year, and can start as late as the last semester of your college career!

But we are smarties and we aren’t going to wait that long. We are going to get our workplace pants on, and apply for internships in our junior year. Junior year is a nice comfortable place to get started because you’ve had enough college experience to know what you are doing, and are in a really good spot to get some workplace experience.

Internships come in a variety of different forms. They can be as official as working for a fortune 500 company where you show up in a suit and tie every day, or as laid back as an on –campus opportunity between classes. The caliber of internship is not necessarily important, so don’t sob helplessly if your internship isn’t as glamorous as you thought it would be. The purpose is the experience. That’s the part that counts. And it’s almost never too late. The internships on your resume can be several in number. You don’t have to do just one, but you don’t have to do six either. Do the amount of internships that you feel comfortable with. Remember, the purpose of internships is to broaden your understanding of the kind of material that you are going to be working with in your career. You want to fine tune your skills!

In the meantime, I will be working diligently at my internship for WMUK! Wish me luck!

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