Omega Delta Epsilon

Whew! It has been a crazy weekend here at school! This weekend was the retreat weekend for the choral service fraternity of which I am a part. Now you may be thinking “fraternity”? Yes! I am in a fraternity!

Here’s a quick bit of knowledge for you. There are three different types of fraternities: social, academic, and service. Social are the ones that you hear about most often in movies and have the largest presence on campuses, typically. Academic are based on grade point averages or are for specific programs, for instance there are a lot of business fraternities. Lastly, there are service fraternities, and you guessed it, we are focused on volunteerism.

So! My choral service fraternity, Omega Delta Epsilon, just got done with our semi-annual retreat weekend. During which, we had elections! I am so excited to say that I am the fraternity’s new president. This past year, I have held the title of treasurer and have been able to organize a lot of fundraising activities. I cannot wait to put my vision for the entire fraternity into place.

You may be wondering what we do as an organization. We are the support system of the choirs. From organizing bonding events to providing services before concerts down to drive students to and from the airport when they go on tour. Our fraternity is committed to helping music students along, because they are some of the busiest students on campus. Below I have some pictures from retreat!

I am excited for this semester!! Oh, and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

With Bronco Love,


Dinner time! So much fun!

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