School is Starting?


Being away from school for three weeks is actually quite a nice break from the hum and drum of daily routines. The holidays were full of fun, family, and fruit cake, but now it’s time for classes, meetings, and textbooks.

Unfortunately, school is not just on the horizon, it’s in two days. Two days from now, we’ll all be waking up groggily, and reluctantly to trudging to class to meet new professors and get overwhelming course loads.

It’s all sad really. I mean, we all love being in college, and enjoying our young lives, but being ripped away from a long period of relaxation and comfort is kinda unfortunate.

But, we are a fearless group of students right? We can deal with finals, and exams, and mountainous loads of reading, so what’s another semester? I say that even though we will hate every second of it at first, let’s get back to school, and work, and our normal semesterly routines. This time, instead of holiday break to look forward to, we have SUMMER!

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