Weather Say Whaaa?


I know you are probably just as confused as I am about this weather. It’s…well…amazing! But it is also a little ominous.

Weather isn’t supposed to be delightful and pleasant in January. No that is rather incorrect, and presents a concern.

When I walk to my car between classes, I am supposed to feel the blistering cold that Jack Frost left lingering in the air. It isn’t supposed to be unseasonably mild with a sprinkling of shorts around campus. We’re supposed to be freezing our buns off in knee-length parkas and wool caps. We’re supposed to be clinging to every shred of warmth we can get our frostbitten hands on.

I’ll admit it’s nice to stroll about campus in a thing jacket with a sweater underneath. It’s quite comfortable to feel gentle breezes instead of tear inducing winds. And quite frankly, I would much rather be chilly than trembling with overwhelming cold.

Though these temperatures are in the 50s now, they will be fleeting fast as this weekend approaches. I sigh with displeasure to think about the new batch of snow that is Prophesized to head our way, cloaking our homes and roads once again.

Don’t forget folks, it is in fact still winter.

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