And the sickness found me…


A little story about me: when I was a little tike, I was sick all of the time. It was normal for me to have a cold/flu even five or six in a year. This past summer I underwent a tonsillectomy, and hadn’t been sick since. Due to this victory, I thought I had escaped any sickness at all this cold and flu season! Alas, I had confidence a bit too soon and here we are: sick as a dog. So sick, in fact, that I actually had to cancel my entire day today.

Ah well, it is alright – everybody has to have their turn! It is starting to come down to the wire of midterms and many projects with looming due dates. I cannot wait for Spring Break next week! It is well deserved for many of my friends and classmates. Before I am able to relax though, I have quite a few hurdles to get through.

Tomorrow, I have an interview for a position in the Lee Honors College as a Peer Student Success Team Mentor. As a mentor, I would get to help first year honors students with getting acquainted with campus and helping them to learn balancing their first collegiate experience! I think it would be such a great opportunity, not only as a leader, but to become more involved in the Honors College! In addition, as a Student Ambassador, I have been able to be heavily involved in prospective students’ lives – but not so much once they are on campus. I think being involved in both arenas would really help me to be better rounded in each job! So tomorrow, there is both an individual and group interview: I am excited!

I am very lucky that I go to a school with so many opportunities to get involved with anything I want to explore. Going to a school like Western is great for me, because we have numerous opportunities that make our campus diverse and interesting while still feeling like a smaller community.

Well, I will report back on what happens with my interview! Until then!

With Bronco Love,


P.S.: 6 days until Spring Break!

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