Break Time!


Tell me you aren’t excited about break!

I don’t think there is anyone out there who isn’t excited about a little time to kick back and get some shuteye and some well deserved slack-off-time.

As students, we are always busied by long hard days, and late endless nights. It will be good for our weakening systems to sleep longer than usual and lounge about our residence halls and apartments like the inner sloths we are.

Some of us are gonna have a pleasant little staycation, while our fabulous flamboyant friends have tickets and pre-tans, ready for a week of luxurious poolside sun, or a delightful romp around Disney World.

We envy you travelers, but don’t think for a second that we will have a boring Spring Break. We will be having a good time! Especially those of us, whose birthdays are on Spring Break. *AHEM* Mine is on Spring Break every single year…without fail!

I may not be getting all glammed up in a Malibu salon, or laying beachside all afternoon, but my boyfriend is planning a jam packed trip to Chicago for us for my birthday! No it won’t be sunny, or warm, or crawling with tanned people, but it will be extra special because he planned it himself and it’s coming from his heart.

For the rest of us that are staying home, enjoy your week of rest and relaxation!

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