So close to break!


Great news: I am a new PSST mentor! I received the email today during my math lecture! Upon opening the email, I was grinning ear to ear, and after internally rejoicing for a good thirty seconds – I looked up to see my professor staring at me, confused. Whoops! Regardless of that, I am a new LHC (Lee Honors College) mentor! WOO-HOO! Now I have two jobs for the 2013-14 school year, including the Student Ambassador’s office, of course!

Even before my wonderful news this afternoon, I was already having a splendid day! My internship at the Portage Community Center is going well. I was able to sit in on a professional meeting this morning, making comments on how we are running our big event: The Cinderella Project. I am in the process of finding organizations and businesses to donate coupons and other items for our girls to pick up at the end of their spa day. I have quickly realized how difficult that can be, since most businesses take a good two or three calls before you are actually finalized with them. This has definitely been a learning experience for me on time management, and how much energy it actually takes to run events like these. And let me tell you: a LOT is needed.

Just two more days until my personal Spring Break begins, as I decided to duck out a couple of days early! On Wednesday night, I will be on a plane to the South! This break is being welcomed with my open arms: I am so excited for good food and sleep!

With Bronco Love,


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