Cinderella Project: Part 1!

Yesterday, I got to run my prom dress drive at an alternative high school in the area! It was rewarding and so fun.

34 girls came in, and 34 left with a combination of a dress, jewelry, shoes, or all three!

I am so glad that I got to be a part of this experience. The students who came were all really enthusiastic and wonderful to work with. They each dashed in and selected three or four dresses that they wanted to try on, and went to the back room. Then they came out like in a fashion show with their friends, each one grinning from ear to ear. After they chose a dress, they could pick out matching shoes and accessories. I had snacks set up, and a raffle for them to enter! The pictures really explain it better than I can, take a look!

Snacks & Jewelry


The Search

Our Raffle Winner

Also, to keep up with my count down:

  • Two math exams
  • One political science papers
  • Two retreats
  • One charity event for my internship


  • One Saturday Admissions events!!
  • Two more events for my Fraternity
  • A choir concert

With Bronco Love,


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