International Extravaganza!


Today I had the wonderful pleasure of attending Western’s International Festival. It is exactly what it sounds like. A huge collage of wonderful and extravagant things from far away lands across the globe.

The Bernhard Center’s second level ballrooms were packed with sights, sounds, and delicious and exotic smells. Performers danced in a breathtaking display on stage. people dressed in traditional clothing passed out plates piled high with yummy foreign treats. The air was filled with laughter and language, and music floated over it.

It was a tremendous experience. I was handed a lovely origami crane, and given a page with my name printed in Japanese script. I smiled with delight as I sat among others dressed in traditional Saudi Arabian garb for a commemorative photograph. I chomped heartily on a chicken kabob from Iran, and clapped along to the Dominican dances taking place in the center of the room.

All in all, a worthwhile experience. Not only culturally stimulating, but fun, and filled with the fellowship of countries.

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