Only 6 Weeks?

Woo! This is incredible: the semester is flying past. I cannot believe that there are only six weeks between me and Germany.

I cannot remember if I posted about it before, but for my study abroad trip our professor is trying to teach us how to be business men and women. That being said, I have to make most of my planning arrangements for the trip, as far as getting to Europe and the hotel, etc. It is so exciting! So last night, I purchased my ticket. $1188 down, and I am ready for the flight. My plan is to actually go a couple of days early, settle at the hotel, and relax in the city before the hustle and bustle of the program. After the program ends, I will be staying there for a little bit longer (4 days) to visit my family who lives just south of Frankfurt.

Let’s look at the things that are left to do this semester:

  • Three math exams
  • Two political science papers
  • Two retreats
  • Two charity events for my internship


  • Two more Saturday Admissions events
  • Two more events for my Fraternity
  • A choir concert
  • A conference

That’s it, ah! This is crazy. I hope that everyone is having a great semester!

With Bronco Love,


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