Today was the first annual ChorOlympics – which was organized by my service fraternity! It was so much fun and such a success. In general, it is very difficult for music students to relax and get out of the practicing/performance groove. ChorOlympics is basically a field day competition between the major choirs at Western. Our goal was to have a stress-free end of the year celebration, and I cannot imagine a better outcome from our goal! Games included: pickle toss, tallest free-standing tower (of large marshmallows and straws), a relay, musical chairs, and tug of war. After the games, we had a cookout and awards ceremony. This was an opportunity for the directors to give end of the year remarks. Overall, I only received fantastic feedback on the event! It was exciting and exactly what our organization had imagined. Here are some photos:Tug of Warimageimage

Here is my countdown:
•    Two math exams
•    One political science paper
•    One charity event for my internship
•    A choir concert

Tomorrow is my final charity event for my internship! Don’t worry, I’ll post about that later.

With Bronco Love,

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