Finals Week Coping Mechanisms


Oh hello, Broncos. I didn’t see you there. I was so busy studying, I didn’t even notice you come in!

I am six exams in, with two to go. Both of these are tomorrow. This is not a normal number of final exams, but when you double major, you can reach this excessive number. But do not fear! If you have more than two on a single day, you can request to move those exams to Friday. However, my exams were simple enough that I chose to keep them all crammed into the first two days. Let me tell you, Tuesday night was a stellar night. I felt so relieved! And I even slept a full eight hours. Be still, your hearts, I know.

I always forget that there are not just finals in this week. This is also the week where Broncos wrap up all the loose ends from the semester. Turn in lockers and keys and log sheets and sell back books and say goodbye to all your professors…it can be a lot of work! The best way to get through this week, in my opinion, is to always keep chocolate by my side. Any kind. Feel free to find me, dear readers, and keep my supply fully stocked. I wouldn’t complain. Other study survival techniques include consuming an absurd amount of coffee, getting some friends to study with you so there’s some moral support, and falling asleep on top of your books (in the hopes of physically absorbing some of the information, of course). I have heard some of these are effective, though I cannot attest to all of them. It’s really a trial-and-error situation, but you will be sure to find what works best for you.

Well, I am afraid I must get back to studying where specific band and orchestra instruments transpose to. Wish me luck, and always feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I will always be looking for an excuse to stop studying for a bit.

Keep it real, Broncos! Check in with you soon!

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