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Currently, I am in my little room in the hostel that I am staying in until Monday when the rest of the class gets here. Now, I know what you think when you read the word “hostel”. I thought it had a pretty bad connotation before coming here too. When I think of a hostel, I imagine a sort of halfway house for people who cannot afford a hotel or motel room. In Europe, this is not the case. The Generator Hostels are really awesome locations that are geared toward young international travelers who are looking for a cheap place to stay. We have a bar downstairs, modern rooms, and a tasty breakfast in the morning. I was set up here by Western, since we actually spend our first two days here for the trip. Check it out:

There are three other people who decided to come in a little early as well. Their names are Allie, Jon, and Tom. I have come on this trip basically not knowing anyone, hoping to integrate myself into the business college after being in the School of Music. It has been a bit of a challenging transition, because the School of Music is so close knit. Even if you do not spend time with anyone in the program after class, they are in each of your classes. It is a lot like high school. Whereas in some of my larger lecture business courses, I have attended a course all semester without speaking to anyone except my professor and/or graduate assistant. Granted that has been my choice to fly under the radar, but I wanted to start networking in a different environment. Therefore: Germany! Allie, Jon, Tom, and I went around Hamburg today taking pictures and exploring the city. It is beautiful here! I cannot wait to upload all of these pictures with my fancy Nikon onto Facebook!

I’ll be sure to keep updates coming from Deutschland as I can do so!

The four of us in Hamburg!

The four of us in Hamburg!

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