It’s finals week!


This semester ended! I took my last final yesterday, Finite math (my last pre-business course before I declare my Marketing major – woohoo!). Today I had work in the Admissions Office from 8am to 11:30am, during which I wrote my final paper for my National Government class. I truly do not suggest this plan of attack on a paper to anyone aside from those who are master procrastinators (i.e. ME!). The paper was due at 12:30pm today, so this was cutting it a little bit closer than I usually would, however it is DONE. Hallelujah, hallelujah!

I am incredibly excited to announce, that as of 2:30pm today, I accepted my first big girl internship! This summer, I will be working at Perspectives Consulting Group as a Market Research Intern and Social Media Coordinator. Usually, this is a position that is for students who have completed their junior or even senior year. I am feeling very proud today! Well, time to pack up my room. This is the last day I will be in a residence hall room ever, at least one that is called my own. Onto apartment living for the summer and next year!

With Bronco Love,



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