Spare Time? As If!


Spare time is something that not many college students have. Some spend every moment that they can grasp studying and preparing for classes. When it seems like all things are dependent on grades, is hard to get a chance to really focus on submersing yourself in something you truly enjoy.

I am usually so busy that I hardly get a chance to breathe, let alone do something I actually like to do. But on those rare occasions that I get a chance to do something for myself, I take advantage of it.

I write stories. It’s the one thing that I get to do for fun and not for academia. I write fantastical tales of characters in peril, and valiant heroes who come from unusual places and complete unlikely tasks with finesse and ease.

Story writing is a brilliant and beautiful world. It’s a world where you can say what you like, and your whimsical imagination comes to life with your innermost ideas. I can sit for hours just daydreaming about the wonderful world of storytelling. It’s a world where anything and everything you want to happen can and will. A world where anything can fly, and most things have magical properties.

It’s a strange world, but it’s a world I love. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I would love to hear about the things that you do when you are not overloaded with academic responsibilities.

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