The Cinderella Project


How did you spend your weekend? Perusing through the mall? Sitting on your porch enjoying early spring? Well I spent mine witnessing one of the most wonderful operations in action…The Cinderella Project. The Cinderella Project is an operation that gives free dresses to girls in the community who may not be able to afford prom dresses. It gives every girl who seeks it, a chance to be a princess.

I spent my Saturday morning and afternoon managing an informational table outside of the dress area at the Girl Scout Building in Kalamazoo. I sat with a wide grin on my face as I passed out informational pamphlets and Western Michigan University lanyards to eager and excited high school girls. They giggled and smiled bashfully as they accepted goodie bags stocked with things of feminine intrigue.

The whole event was spectacular. A large room was crowded with beautiful dresses of all colors and lengths on long racks. Tables were cluttered with beaded handbags and clutches. A table by the window served as the accessory station housing necklaces and earrings of all kinds. Shoes sat in long rows on a table by the dressing rooms. It was all too perfect. Giddy volunteers in pink aprons squealed with delight as each girl left the main room with a bagged dress and shoes slung over her shoulder. It was all such a sight to see.

The most remarkable part of it all was that everything was free. From the gowns, to the shoes, to the accessories and more, young ladies were able to walk away with complete outfits for their upcoming memorable night.

I was honored to be a part of it, and I am so proud of Kalamazoo as a community for having such an event in its backdoor.

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