The End is in Sight!

Not much is left to this semester! Now that I have finished the Cinderella Project, my internship at the Portage Community Center is basically over. I just have final projects and organizational wrap-ups for my fraternity! Time has flown! As I mentioned before, I have my study abroad trip in Germany coming up very fast. I cannot believe how soon I will be flying out of Detroit for Hamburg.

Today, I received unbelievable news from the Lee Honors College. I have been awarded a $1,000 scholarship for my trip! Not only is this very helpful for my funding, but it was such an honor to be chosen by the scholarship review committee. Over 30 scholarship applications were submitted and I was one of few who were chosen. I have now been able to outwardly finance over $3000 of my trip through private donations and grants. For anyone who is considering studying abroad, I truly recommend doing so. I will end up spending just about the same amount that I would on 6 credits over the summer in Michigan plus airfare. How amazing is that?

The Countdown:

  • One math exam
  • One political science paper


  • A choir concert

With Bronco Love,


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