Wednesday Wrap-Up


I have learned a lot this semester about balancing my time, and delegating things that need to get done with my service fraternity. This has been a great learning experience for me as to what I want to occupy my time doing, and what I may be interested in doing for my future.

This past Sunday, I had my first Peer Student Success Team meeting! I was about to meet with other Lee Honors College students to work on planning for next year. I am so excited for the work I am going to be a part of in the fall. Thirty first-year students will be assigned to me that I will be able to guide, and help with their transition to college. In addition, I will be in charge of putting together volunteer events for all of the Lee Honors College students to get their twenty service hours.

Personality tests are integral for how I have grown as a leader, and something that I feel strongly toward. Upon the arrival at my meeting, I was gifted with one of the best things a personality assessment junkie like me could receive: my very own Strengths Quest book! A lot of people do not know what Strengths Quest is, but if you have the opportunity to take the test, DO IT! You are matched with your top five strengths out of thirty-four options. While I know what I am pretty good at, seeing that top five was really beneficial for me to solidify my outlook on what kind of a leader I am and want to become. And now I have a book, so I can read about it all of the time!

In other news, last weekend was my last choir concert that I may ever be a part of at Western. Now that I am not a music major, it is very difficult to fit it into my schedule. It should have been a pretty nostalgic moment for me, looking back at it, but with the amount of rushing I have been doing – it was just another check off of my list. (As you can see below, it is no longer on my countdown!) I am sure that in the middle of this summer the emotions will set in a bit deeper.


The Countdown:

  • One math exam
  • One political science paper

Look at that list! Two things!!

With Bronco Love,


P.S. The Student Ambassador Program is this Friday, I cannot wait!

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