Workshops and Choir and Film and Puppies!


Hello, my Broncos!

So much has happened since I last posted! What to say, what to say…

This last weekend, I took the majority of Saturday, Sunday, and part of Friday to participate in a workshop through the Theatre Department. A woman named Patricia from the Master’s Program at NIU came in to teach us a specific acting technique, the theories of Sanford Meisner. It was an absolutely incredible experience! I learned so much in those three days, and I made some wonderful connections with my classmates. Also, my fraternity Omega Delta Epsilon, which is a choral service fraternity, hosted the first annual Chorolympics! We had lots of great food, crazy events for our choirs to compete in, and an awards ceremony at the end. It ended up being a huge success for the fraternity and the WMU Choirs. The weekend was a lovely reprieve before the tornado of the last two weeks!

These next two weeks are the toughest of the semester, but definitely the most gratifying. I’m fighting my wanderlust as the weather starts to get warmer, and I’m getting my work done before I go and play outside! But don’t worry, everyone. I took my time out last week to go and rent a puppy for a half an hour. Yes, read that again. I rented a puppy for thirty minutes. I walked it around campus and petted and cuddled and loved it. Perfect puppy therapy to get me through the rest of the semester! Western’s pretty darn good about that.

Onto the next week! I have two performances coming up this week, as well as shooting a short film for my acting for the camera class. Lots of fun stuff! I’ll be posting soon, please feel more than free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or comments for me!

Here we go, Broncos!

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