Another Day ..Another Dollar!


Hey all,

“It’s a wonderful day to be a bronco”. I am relaxing at work on this beautiful day. There are many smiling face on campus. We have been very successful with the special tours we have been giving. I must say that it is always a joy to see young faces interested in college. I am extremely excited for the special tour that I have tomorrow, there is no telling what will happen. I am extremely happy to know that I am a part of an amazing team that helps to promote one of the greatest schools, in the state of Michigan. I can’t help but to think about all the prospective students we help make a college decision each year. It’s amazing to think about the difference that we as tour guides, telecounselors (the individuals that call you and talk to you about Western Michigan University), and admissions representatives make on the students that come on tours and/or to our special events.  Well, until next time!!

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