Back and rollin’!

As you may know if you have read some of my previous posts, I just got back from studying abroad! My next few entries are going to highlight some of the incredible places that I visited while studying abroad in Germany. I had absolutely no time to blog while there, so I am going to try and simulate my trip via blog.

I landed on Saturday, April 27th. My plane ride was pretty lengthy, however, flying international is a surprisingly enjoyable experience! I flew with Lufthansa, and had a very comfortable flight. Between meals/snacks/beverages we received hot towels to wipe down our faces and hands in addition to free wine, a free (and relatively expansive) array of movies to watch, and good bathrooms! Even on the one-hour plane from Frankfurt International Airport to the Hamburg Airport, we received full size candy bars as our ‘snack’. You read that correctly, and yes there will be a photo below. I was astonished. In the moment, my mind immediately lept back to an hour and a half long flight I had just a couple of months ago where we were not offered beverages. It is such a cultural difference!

I traveled alone, as each of the students on the trip bought their own ticket, not as a group deal. In that first stint of time between the plane landing and getting to my hotel, I learned just how independent I am as a 19 year old! The airport in Hamburg was not actually as close to our hotel as one might hope. So jet lagged and feeling unsanitary, I learned how to use the German rail system and purchase a ticket. After going on the train for fifteen or so minutes, I got off at the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) in Hamburg and made my way to the hostel!

The first three days I spent with three other students from Western in Hamburg. We explored the city since the program didn’t begin until Monday, April 29th. I went into a little more detail on this in my prior posting.

Do you see this? TELL ME this is not impressive.

Do you see this? TELL ME this is not impressive.

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