Hamburg: The Springboard for Our Adventure

Alright, my friends: I have decided that the best way to document my trip is through dialoging by city since we traveled so much. Just as a reminder for those who might just be tuning in: our trip was two weeks of touring and one week of classwork in a city called Paderborn (do not fear, we will get there).

First things first, I need anyone who is currently reading this post to completely understand me when I say: if a German tells you that they only speak a ‘little’ English – this is tomfoolery. It is a comparable experience to when I open a bag of M&M’s expecting to only have a “few” or my dog only tearing up “one of my shoes” – it is complete rubbish, ladies and gentlemen, and simply cannot occur. Germans equivalent to “little” English is in all actuality, pretty darn close to fluent English. I quickly found this out and thanked God that I chose the right country to visit as a student without a heavy background in foreign languages. If I were to study abroad for a semester or so, then by golly, I should know the language pretty well of the country I’m going to, no questions asked. However, I was not on what we call an “immersion” trip – one where you are taught in the language of the country – and so I only needed my very ignorant and naïve English.

Now that we have that squared away, I can tell you about the first city. The initial one we perused was Hamburg. This is the largest harbor city in Germany, second largest in Europe! That being said, it is kind of the perfect place to begin our journey, because of the mix of people who live there and travel through the area. We spent a couple of days getting acquainted with the city and eating much authentic German food. Authentic German food, for those who may not know, consists of mostly pork products, potatoes, and beer with some red cabbage thrown in there for color. They are very heavy meals, and actually most Germans do not eat that way. And good thing for that – not only does it make you feel incredibly lethargic, you cannot imagine how unproductive you become after eating like that too much.

Out of all of our cities we toured in the first two weeks, we definitely had the most free time in Hamburg. Our professor wanted to give us time to assimilate and rid ourselves of jet lag, but since I had landed three days prior: I just had a lot of time to shop! Pictures below include a super awesome but highly dangerous playground and the waterside shops and cafes!

This would totally be illegal on any playground in the US, but was so fun!

This would totally be illegal on any playground in the US, but was so fun!

Isn't this just picture perfect Europe?

Isn't this just picture perfect Europe?

Well, that’s all for Hamburg! Onto our next destination: Wolfsburg & Potsdam!

With Bronco Love,


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