Hobby Lobby


We all have things that we love to do during the summer. Some take up gardening, others spend the summer running, or even spend their summer bettering their community by volunteering. And then there are those that take up a summer hobby.

I suppose that I am one of those individuals that enjoys summer by taking part in a summer hobby. This summer, I am taking up art!

I have decided to spend my summer perched in front of a large sketchbook making concept art with my brand new pastels. I know I am no artist, but I absolutely love the idea of being able to create whatever I like without worrying what people think. I draw what I feel, and I draw things that express my innermost feelings at that moment. I want to be able to visualize everything that is on my heart and mind.

I hope to create some truly inspiring pieces, and I am looking forward to my ideas coming to life and dancing off the pages. I plan to not think a moment about impressing people, or give my art a pretentious and pompous feel. I am going to express myself to the best of my ability, and allow my thoughts to truly be visualized.

I am truly looking forward to the experiences that await me!

Enjoy creating summer hobbies of your own! You never know what sorts of neat experiences you will cultivate!

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