IM BACK!!!!!


Hey Everyone! It’s been along time but that just means that there is a lot to catch up on. There has been some changes in my life. For one I’M A SENIOR NOW!!!! I official, have almost successful completed my college career which is exciting but still scary at the same time. My psychology degree will be completed by the spring of 2014 (just tying up a few loose ends). My criminal justice degree might keep me here for another summer or semester but the experience I’m getting is PRICELESS.

I’m also doing research this summer which is like AMAZINGLY AWESOME, I’m using everything I’ve learned with actual children!!!! I can not wait for the fall because ill be doing a practicum for psychology to get even more experience !!! Oh and i get to work with RATS!!! in my RAT LAB in the fall to soooo PUMPED anyways i must get to work, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated!


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