Study Abroad


Have you ever considered exploring the great wide world? Traveling to places unknown and doing things you’ve only dreamed or read about? Have you ever looked fondly on a spinning globe and fantasized about the places you’d like to visit? Imagined yourself in Paris under the Eiffel tower? Daydreamed about being front row at a fashion show in Milan? Entertained the idea of zooming on the autobahn in Germany?

They say that being in college is the best time of your life, and whoever they are, aren’t wrong. Especially because college is when a lot of young folks pack their bags and jet off overseas for a study abroad experience of a lifetime. And this summer, I am going to be one of those young folks.

I have got plans to study abroad at John Cabot University in Rome Italy. I will spend late June through Early August sipping espresso by the Tiber River and studying sculptures erected by great artists. I will consume much more food than necessary, as I sample each different Italian dish I can get my hands on.

We all have dreams of doing big things, and there isn’t any reason why you can’t study abroad. The process isn’t so much difficult as it is about timing, and diligence. With a little faith and determination, study abroad can be a snap! And the staff at the study abroad office is more than willing to get the process underway with you. Don’t think about what could have been, do it!

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