The only word in the language of college students that carries any weight. Summer.

Everyone spends their schools years studying restlessly to achieve the sorts of grades they’d like their employers to notice. But summer is the only time of the year where students can put their feet up and coast without a care in the world.

Sure some students work, and others spend their summers neck deep in internship responsibilities, but the summer is most commonly a four month long period of rest. It’s the time to sleep in till you’ve got to be at work. To learn new recipes that enrich your culinary pallet. To rise with the sun and jog around town until you’re short of breath.

I personally have a love hate relationship with summer. I love the time off from studying with my nose to the grindstone, but I hate the lack of air conditioning in my apartment. I love the summer sun during the day, but detest the swarming mosquitos at night. Everyone has their ups and downs about things, but when it comes to summer, it’s mostly ups. People love getting sand in their toes, and concerts or summer festivals. People love lounging by the pool all day, then getting ready for a fun summer night out.

Whatever you do this summer, be safe, stay cool, and have fun!

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