What Not to Wear: WMU Edition

Hello, my fashion-forward Broncos!

Yesterday I went through the exciting adventure of being draped. Draping is a process in which a person can learn exactly what they are supposed to wear — and what to avoid. This is great for Theatre majors and other performance majors because we’re constantly auditioning and selling our product: ourselves!

So the whole thing started with my professor, Elizabeth Terrel, sitting me down in front of a large mirror and putting a lot of bright lights on my completely naked face (trust me, wasn’t so fun). Then, she draped (get it? here’s the reason it’s called “draping”) big swatches of colored fabric across my shoulders, and we looked at what the colors did to my complexion and overall appearance. Some colors would make everything blend together, bring out my eyes, smooth my complexion, etc. Other colors would make me look tired or super pale or even a little sickly. We determined I was a Summer, which is a set of muted pastel colors. So don’t you worry, Broncos. I still get to wear mint green. I know, the small victories in life are the best.

Then we looked at a whole bunch of pictures that I had collected before our meeting. Elizabeth told me to put together anything that caught my eye: not just clothes, but also photos of food, nature, decor, architecture, artwork, absolutely anything that I felt particularly drawn to. She then determined my “type”. Types define what clothing styles each person wears. So, for example, I found out that I fall under “Traditional” with an undertone of “Romantic”. Surprised? Me neither. So what that means is I get to wear a lot of “classic” clothes (blazers, suits, clean cut skirts, etc) with pretty lace or ruffles or patterns or “romantic” materials. Pretty cool, right?

After that we looked at what my best hair and makeup styles are, and she sent me on my way. It was such an awesome experience, and now I know exactly what clothes I can wear to look and feel my best in auditions, and anywhere else besides!

So that’s what I’ve been doing this summer so far. What have YOU all been doing?

Talk to you soon, Broncos!

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