Calling All Bloggers!


You’ve all seen me post my thoughts, and my observations about holidays, events, and times of the year. But this brings up an interesting question. Do you all blog?

Blogging is a really fun way to document your observations and thoughts on things occurring in the world around you. Blogging grows increasingly popular, and people have really taken to it. Everyday people jot down their innermost thoughts and ideas about the things that go on in the world around them. They develop opinions and plaster them on message boards and blogging sites for all to see and comment on.

It’s natural. In this day in age we are very invested and obsessed with telling everyone how we feel, and posting pictures of us doing anything from traveling the streets of London on a trip with friends, to eating a sandwich. We are obsessed with telling everyone every stitch of our lives. Every single piece is important to share. We have evolved into people who are constantly seeking recognition from each other, and we don’t mind doing it!

Everyone does it, and we are all sucked into it. We all participate daily in Instagram uploads, and Tweets on Twitter. We post elaborate posts on Tumblr, and spend almost ninety percent of our time on Facebook.

My thoughts? I say keep blogging! Keep taking pictures of your cats with socks on, and your homemade ice cream sundaes. Keep writing blogs about your new work out routines, or the hidden trail you found in the woods that leads to your new secret spot!

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