Excitement in Kalamazoo!


Hello, my dear Broncos!

This weekend was one full of excitement and adventure in our dear town of Kalamazoo. The beginning of June is the kick-off for all of the summer festivals and fairs and events. The festivities began on Thursday night and continued through Saturday night. What an enjoyable time!

So my experience started off on Friday night, at the Art Hop. This is an event where all of the local businesses open their doors and invite the people of Kalamazoo to see their materials. Local artists also fill up the streets and all of Bronson Park with their tents, and everyone wanders around and buys up all the interesting things they see. There’s free food, live music, and hundreds of people. There are hand-carved picture frames, granite lazy Susans, frogs sculpted out of rocks, even didgeridoos. It was quite an adventure for me and my friends.

After that, early on Saturday morning, I headed out to the Farmer’s Market. All of the local farmers were there, selling their beautiful produce and colorful foods. I bought organic sweet peppers, asparagus, avocados (I know, right??), and this amazing fresh bread with feta cheese and spinach baked into it. But, to top it off, I bought a small container of the sweetest, reddest strawberries I have ever experienced. I’m telling you, it was a gustatory dream. But don’t fear, Broncos! That was not the end of the day…

That night, I headed over to Arcadia Park to Greek Fest. This festival is full of incredible Greek food (gyro, anyone?) and live music. I might have learned how to belly dance a bit, and I definitely got my palm read. Don’t worry. I have a long life ahead of me. Also two children, but that’s a little further down the line I think.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. And do not fear, Broncos! This is just the beginning of Kalamazoo’s summer activities. What a thrilling place to live, right?

Till next time, friends!

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