Happy Sunday!


Hey all,

Today has been a very eventful day, I went to church, came home and went to a BBQ for past as well as current Orientation Student Leaders. Just in case I never told you, I was a Orientation Student Leader during the summer between Freshmen and Sophomore year, I would recommend anyone to do it. It was a wonderful experience and definitely helped me network on campus. I can honestly say that it probably helped me get the leadership positions I got after it. It helped shape me. Anyways, going to the BBQ made me remember why I came to Western. It showed me why I stayed years after. The people. Western is known for its community, for it heads up feel. I went to that BBQ today and saw old friends and made new ones. The experience of Orientation is what we all shared, not the participating aspect of Orientation which everyone should experience, but the puzzle pieces that make Orientation what it is aspect. As leaders, we were key to Orientations success, we knew/know what it takes to make the experience come alive for the first year students, we understand each others struggles, and frustrations and are able to sympathize with each other because of the simple experience of Orientation as leaders. Western has that feel, the people, the community understand what its like to be a BRONCO, I suppose in simple terms. Everyone I meet embodies the same WESTERN the same BROWN and GOLD. The key element of UNDERSTANDING. That is why I came and that is why I am still here and that is why I plan to stay for many years after. The PEOPLE. Have a wonderful day until next time.

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